It’s basically Christmas already and you know what that means.

You’ll head to a party or two,  have a great Christmas family eat up with all the trimmings, 2 days later every commercial will be providing you with the answers to all your weight loss troubles and all your friends will start asking you your new year resolutions because it’ll be 2020.

Honestly, I love this time of year because it’s so happy and positive and gives you time to focus on the future and your dreams, but it’s also a great time of year to look at all the screw-ups I made in the past year, identify where I fell off and make some plans to avoid them in the next year.

So here are my financial mess-ups I’ve made and how you can stop them from happening to you in 2020.

Trying to Follow All The Advice

This year I was fearless about attaining wealth and tried lots of advice I got. All were good advice, but not all of them worked for me or my personality.

So while I tell everyone to fail fast and always try new things, just because the path does work, it doesn’t mean it should be your path. It’s also helpful to really be honest with yourself about what you want your life to look like.

If you hate writing, don’t become a blogger, if you don’t like inviting people to your house and seeing everyone you meet as a client, then don’t do an MLM or network marketing.

And if you do try it and don’t like it, then it’s ok to quit.

It’s okay to say it worked for him but won’t work for me.

Falling Back into Old Habits

I lost track of my mission somewhere during the year between the stress of parenting and everyday life. As a result, I fell back to old habits, primarily my scarcity thinking.

I stopped trying to earn more by putting in the hours in my real estate company and started to focus solely on savings more.

Being more scared of losing than being excited about winning. I started having anxiety about the problem instead of finding the solution.

Staying committed takes effort and a constant renewing of the mind. And do whatever it takes to get into the right mindset every single day.

Switching Goals Midstream

I love personal finance and kept reading articles about the impressive debt payoffs that everyone was doing.

I was so inspired by the stories that I threw my plans out the window and started working on the debt repayment. 

Then I’d hear a great story about millionaire IRA people and switched it up again. Well, when you flip flop between goals you get the same results like when you multitask – you do everything half-assed and ultimately, you get frustrated with your lack of progress.

Setting Overly Ambitious/Aggressive Goals

I’m a results-oriented person. I hate tasks that drag on for seemingly forever with no end in sight.

In fact, the quickest way to demotivate me is to tell me I’ll be here for a while.

But I’ve found that making the timeline a financial (or any goal for that matter) too aggressive is a recipe for disaster.

It hyper focuses the destination instead of the journey and sucks the joy out of your life while you are working on it.

Suddenly the ‘tiny wins’ weren’t important, only the final result, and eventual became discouraged and fell off the wagon.

Looking For The Perfect Course

Man, I feel for this one hard last year. For those who have a side hustle or run their own business, this one is for you.

I thought that things weren’t going well because I didn’t know what I was doing. And the best way to figure out what I should be doing is to …. BUY A COURSE! OF COURSE!

So I spent money on a couple courses before trying to learn the ropes myself, and before exhausting all the free information that was available. .. DUMB!

Now I’m not knocking courses.

I have learned a lot from the ones I have taken.

However, don’t be in a hurry to spend your money on courses that you believe will give you the magic bullet.

Try things on your own first. Use all the free resources. Put all the things you have learned into action. Once you have done ALL of that, then you can look at a course to fill in the gaps.  

Delaying Self Care

I am a huge proponent of self-care.

I say it all the time, post it on my Instagram etc.

But I have been notorious for waiting until I was burnt out and about to lose my mind before doing it. 

Your brain (and body) can only function at maximum capacity for so long before it starts to break down. It’ll take more time, and require more intensive self-care sessions to recover when you are broken, than if you maintained a regular routine of self-care.

So have Fun!

Life is so short and precious.

Everything we are doing now to better ourselves and our future only work if we survive the present.

Jon Acuff in his book ‘Finish’ mentions that we frequently take the fun out of goals. As though we believe if fun is involved then it’s not a real goal.

But the biggest motivator to getting things done is knowing we are enjoying the path on the way to the destination.

So as 2019 come to a close, think on your own actions that you made this year, what you would change, what you’d like to do in the future and get ready because this is your year!

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