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You’ve seen the checks. You’ve heard the ads. You’ve ignored the recommendations for long enough and now you’ve decided to investigate Ebates and really see if it lives up to the hype.

You might have some questions about Ebates, how it works and more importantly, how you get paid, so let’s cover them all for you.

1. What is Ebates?

You are probably asking the question “What is Ebates?” If you don’t know
Ebates is an online cashback store that pays you a percentage back every time you shop. Below is a quick quote taken from their website:

Ebates, is the best way to earn Cash Back and find deep discounts when you shop.

Founded back in 1998, we’ve steadily grown into one of the largest, free member-based savings programs in the U.S. In fact, our more than 10 million members have already earned over $800 million in Cash Back. s.

ebates review no scam

To find out what percentage you will be earning for the cashback, all you do is look at the percentage number next to the store name while you are on Ebates..


2. How does Ebates work?

To earn money back from Ebates stores, all you have to do is log into your Ebates account and click on whatever brand you are interested in shopping at. Then, all you do is a shop just like you normally would and you will earn cashback. Yup, it’s that easy.

3. Do I get paid cash?

Ebates sends their members their Cash Back every three months, via either Big Fat Check in the mail or PayPal payment.

4. How much does Ebates cost?

Oh yeah, and Ebates is FREE! There is no membership fee, no monthly fee, no annual fee, no fee that you have to pay to Ebates, or anything like that.

Zip, Nada, Zilch. It is absolutely free to use Ebates.

5. How long does it take to make enough money for a check?

Don’t you hate when you sign up for something to make money only to find out it’ll take you 8 months just to make $3? Well Ebates isn’t like that. In fact they offer you $10 just for joining and making your first purchase.

Depending on the cashback percentages for the stores you shop at, and how much you spend at that store you could make money fairly quickly. The best benefit I find with Ebates is that it works in the background, getting me earnings while I go about my regularly scheduled programming so making $5 bucks for a check happens pretty quick.

6. Does Ebates work with Amazon?

It sure does! I mean really, who doesn’t shop at Amazon for at least a couple of items? And not only that there are over 2,000 stores where you can earn cashback, so there are plenty of options including Walmart, Nordstrom, Gap, Target, and more.

7. Can I use coupon codes and discount with Ebates?

Oh yeah, you can.

You can stack those coupons any way you like. Add coupon codes, promotional codes and discounts on top of a rewards card, and cashback and what do you get? Cash-money hun.

A lot of people think that you wouldn’t be able to use coupon codes, discounts etc. with Ebates. That they would limit you because you’d be getting too much with cashback and savings, but they’d be wrong.

You can save money by using coupon codes and discounts at your favorite store just like you normally would, AND you can earn money back by shopping on that website by clicking on Ebates‘ link. You can’t beat that!

8. Can I make money with Ebates if I shop instore?

I used to dismiss Ebates whenever I saw the ads because I don’t shop online very much. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that you aren’t limited to using Ebates online.

Now you can enjoy Cash Back, even when you shop in a brick and mortar store.

And it’s not even hard. To get started, link your credit or debit card to your Ebates account. Then, when you find an In-Store Cash Back offer that interests you, simply activate it and shop in the store with that card.

In fact, Ebates offers several features and tools, so you can earn Cash Back in the ways that work best for you.

The Ebates Cash Back Button –The Cash Back Button is an automated tool that proactively finds discounts and lets you earn Cash Back—without going to the Ebates site first.

Email –You can always activate an Ebates Shopping Trip by following links from our emails.

The Ebates Cash Back Visa® Credit Card –For even more savings, get the Ebates Cash Back Visa® Credit Card if you so desire and earn unlimited additional Cash Back rewards, with no annual fee.

The Ebates Mobile App – The 4-star Ebates App ensures you’re always connected to savings on the go.

9. How long does it take to get paid?

Payments go out every three months on schedule with some requirements. To qualify for a payment, your Cash Back Balance must be greater than $5.00 by the end of the Cash Back Posting Period.

If your Cash Back Balance is $5.00 or below at the end of the Cash Back Posting Period it will carry over to the next period. And you can always readily see your account balance via you accounts page.

10. Is Ebates safe? Is Ebates a scam?

NO! Ebates is not a scam. It is a totally legit company and actually runs the same way as many other cashback companies. Ibotta, and Swagbucks are pretty popular.

Even your credit cards do the same thing when you get cashback rewards for shopping at specific stores. Ebates is totally legit.

But I am glad that you are questioning the validity! There are lots of scams out there so you should definitely keep your eyes peeled. This is happily, not one of them.

11. How does Ebates make money?

Ebates makes their money by being an affiliate, and that is how they are able to pay people like you and me. They make money whenever you shop through their link.

For example, Best Buy is listed on Best Buy pays a percentage to Ebates for being an affiliate and for referring customers to them. Ebates then gives you a little bit of that percentage as well for using their website. It’s a win-win for everyone and nowhere for an Ebates scam.

12. Is Ebates worth it? How much can I make?

How much you make again depends on where you spend, how much the cashback is, how much you spend and how often you shop there. Meaning if your shopping online regularly to partner stores then its easy to imagine you could make $1000 or more per year back. But if you only rarely make purchases to partner stores, then $100 a year may be a great payout amount.

And since there is no ‘cap’, there is no limit to how much you can earn. That’s why more than 10 million members have already earned over $800 million in cashback … not too shabby.

More than 10 million members have already earned over $800 million in Cash Back –

I earned my first $10 signing up, and got my next $10 just one week later ( and like I said, I rarely shop outside of groceries).

So Should you join Ebates?

I’m going to be honest with you. The money you make from Ebates isn’t going to replace your 9 to 5, five-figure income. Just like you can’t live off credit card reward points. So if you are looking for a way to make $10,000 a month and think Ebates will do that for you then it’s pretty unlikely.

But if you’re the type of person who likes to save. Who likes to get a surprise check in the mail every couple of months, or who’s looking to save some money off items you would have purchased anyway then it’s a product that can work for you.

You have nothing to lose.

Ready to try it out? Get $10 to start you off right away. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen? You join, realize you don’t like and just don’t use it.

If only everything in life carried as little risk as that.

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