You’ve been job hunting for a job for forever and you finally landed the perfect job. Congratulations!

You’re frothing at the mouth to hear the offered salary, but when you get it, it’s less than the high range they advertised, or less than you expected.

Great! *insert eye-roll*

Now you gotta put on the big girl panties and sweeten the deal but you start thinking of all the reasons you can’t negotiate

  • If I ask for more money, then I’ll look greedy.
  • What if they think I’m only here for the money? They were so gracious to give me the job in the first place, they might get annoyed and rescind the offer altogether!
  • I don’t want to rock the boat and seem demanding
  • I didn’t have everything they asked for anyway so I shouldn’t get the peak salary

You might be tempted to suffer in silence but don’t! Even if you aren’t comfortable asking for money there are many other things you can ask for to make your compensation package more attractive.

#1 Job Title

I don’t know how you feel about titles, but I’m going to tell you – they matter.

It might sound trivial but the job title can be a big perk to negotiate for your current and future job.

Because let’s be honest, executive assistant sounds better than ‘secretary’. It looks better on your resume and is a signal to the outside world on your level in the organization. Furthermore, having ‘lead’, ‘associate’ or ‘manager’ etc. title opens doors for a higher salary in the future when you are ready for a new company.

In the past, I switched positions BUT ensured I could keep my ‘Lead’ title. It didn’t make any difference in the pay that was offered for the position, but when I left that firm, but I was able to use that title for nearly 10k salary bump at my next gig.

The title meant nothing to the previous company but spoke volumes to the company I was going to. Putting me in a higher salary range.

#2 Vacation and Sick days

Just because everyone at the ABC company gets 2 weeks vacation it doesn’t mean you can’t ask for 3 weeks or more.

This is especially beneficial if you’ll have a lot of off-hour work in the new job or if the company is firm on monetary compensation. You can certainly ask for more paid time off as a way to sweeten the deal. Take it for vacation, sell it to your coworkers (if your firm allows) or cash it out, having more vacation is always a good thing.

#3 Sign-On Bonus

Salary isn’t the only monetary incentive that can be negotiated.

Sign-on bonuses are very common and can really help with the expenses of job switching.

What expenses do you ask? Well, relocating to move closer to your job location, paying for gap insurance while you wait for the new job’s insurance to kick in, and even just surviving the wait to get on the payroll which could be as much as 4 weeks if you start in the middle of payroll.

Another reason it’s a good negotiating topic is if the salary offered is already capped for the position then the company may not be able to increase your annual salary but they might be more amenable to a one-time sign-on bonus.

#4 Flextime

If the job is one that can be completed remotely then it’s worth asking if flex time is available especially if your commute will be really hard.

I had a coworker whose commute was an hour each way. He was able to negotiate to work 2 days from home as part of his package. Being able to work from home a couple of days a week, work 4 ten-hour days or work half-day at home on Friday is worth asking for.

#5 Other perks

You can always ask for more ‘creative’ perks, like a daycare allowance, gym memberships, tuition reimbursement, student loan forgiveness, parking allowance (for big-city workers), and even transportation reimbursement if your job requires lots of travel.

Money can be intimidating, and women already negotiate for a higher salary far less than men do. But who knows, maybe negotiating for something a little less scary can be the boost we need to start negotiating for a better deal.

It never hurts to ask and they expect that folks will.

Don’t do yourself a disservice.

Now if you have successfully negotiated for perks beyond salary then let us know in the comments! We can all learn from each other and I’d love to hear what other items are out there folks are getting!

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