Payoff Debt

Tips, tools and strategies to payoff debt, optimize your credit and manage your cashflow

7 Things People Do To Successfully Get Out of Debt

So you decided it’s time to get out debt. Great! That’s fantastic news! I’m right there with you! I’m working on my own debt journey as well and have been totally obsessed with reading the debt payoff stories of everyone willing to share their journey online. Partly because it’s inspiring to give you a kick […]

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9 Smart Things To Do With Your Bonus

9 Smart Ways to Spend Your Bonus

So you got a bonus for all your hard work. Congratulations! It’s great to be rewarded after you put in considerable effort. But now comes the question on what you should do with your new bonus. Start thinking about what to do with it. The best time to think about what to do with your […]

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