A few years ago I was the money equivalent of SKINNY-FAT

On the surface, I was fine.

My husband and I both made good money. I had a ‘budget’ (sort of). I was paying my bills every month and even trying to save a little every once in a while.

We figured we were doing okay.

But every emergency expense was hard to meet and became an argument of who would pay the bill – whether it was a doctor bill for the kids, getting new tires or a higher than usual utility bill.

I felt chronically broke.

I couldn’t figure out why I earned so much money but was in a worse financial situation than when I made half my salary. And that’s when I realized I had a good income, but low net-worth.

My income disappeared as quickly as I was making it.

Budget leaks everywhere.

Living paycheck to paycheck, managing (ahem, maintaining) my debt.

Able to pay the bills every month but never get far enough to really do anything.

And the worst was having so many things I wanted to do, but couldn’t afford.

Couldn’t go on vacation because I couldn’t afford it. Couldn’t switch careers because I couldn’t afford it. Couldn’t have more kids because guess what … I couldn’t afford it.

And no one understood. Because from the outside ‘I made enough money where I shouldn’t have any money problems’.

And I was frustrated because I had a budget, I was doing everything right and wasn’t spending on expensive purses or living the high life. So why wasn’t this working?


I know how you feel because I’ve been there.

But knowing what to do and applying it to your life in a way that works are two different things. Not to mention all the self hate, ‘deprivation’ and contradictory advice out there.

When your money isn’t right your scared. Scared of the future, scared to make decisions and are much more likely to make mistakes.

So I’m sharing everything I’ve learned – the nuggets, the lessons and the mistakes I’ve made along the way to help you effectively manage your money.

Here You’ll Find:

  • No judgment, or debt shaming.
  • A safe space where you can ask anything, and find answers, to your questions.
  • Open, honest, real-life, actionable advice and resources to help you master your finances, maximize your earning potential and build sustainable wealth

I Can Help You:

  • Figure out your current financial situation so you can know where you’re doing great, where you can improve and exactly what to do first.
  • Find your hidden money
  • Recognize and curb hidden behaviors/mindsets that go against your goals.
  • Change how you view money and its place in your life.
  • Learn ‘what’ advice is good (applicable) for you, ‘when’ to use it, and ‘how’ to implement it to achieve your goals.
  • Create a plan for mastering your money with little time and lots of ease.

When you’re done, you’ll:

  • Stop having your finances determine how you live and get you back in the driver’s seat of your money
  • Enjoy spending, saving and sharing you money. Making your money work for you, to achieve your goals.
  • Have a loving relationship with your money.
  • Build wealth, get out of debt and be the best steward of the money you have while earning more.
  • Find the freedom, confidence, and security that comes with mastering your finances.

This is the time to finally have the life you want. If you are ready then let’s get started.