I Believe

Money can be a huge problem for women when we fear we don’t have enough of it or aren’t managing it properly.

Think about it …

How many jobs have you wanted to leave but couldn’t because you needed the money? Arguments with your spouse that started when discussing your finances? How many stress-induced sleepless nights you’ve had worrying about your money situation? How miserable do you feel when you see all the things you want to do but can’t because you don’t have the money?

That’s no way to live.

All women deserve financial security.

So I’m on a mission to change that. To get you fearless and confident in your life and your money. To get you to enjoy your money and have fun managing it.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Your Grandmother’s Personal Finance

Ever notice the financial information tailored to women all focuses on saving money on shopping and using coupons?

Now don’t get me wrong, saving money by shopping with discounts and coupons is great – I love a good value buy – but we have real issues that need to be worked out.

We need to understand how our mindset holds up back from wealth. And we need to know what is possible to make the most out of savings and time.

Let’s be honest – no amount of couponing or making your own detergent is going to guarantee you won’t outlive your retirement savings, or that you’ll have enough for the kids to go to college.

That’s why Wealthy and Wise Woman exists.

To provide real-life, actionable advice (without the frills) for modern women.

I help you effectively manage your finances, finally get out of debt, build wealth and of course, save money and find financial independence.

And you will start enjoying talking about and saving your money while doing it!

You can’t afford to be oblivious to your money any longer.

You want AND need the freedom, confidence, and security that comes with being in the driver’s seat of your finances and I’m going to help you do it.

Our Approach

I also believe that everyone knows the basics of personal finance – spend less than you earn, save and invest. But no one shows you HOW to determine what step you should follow, and WHEN.

We spend time helping you understand your decision process, what are the triggers that makes things hard for you, and help you craft habits that will finally p you get out of debt and building wealth.

Learn more about my story and how I can help you.